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Last Three Weeks Ahead of Us!

It is great to be in Room 405 again with a week under my belt. As Ms. Bethanie said, I have subbed for extended times in this room and others at Ray, and I always enjoy my time in Room 405. I apologize for having to miss the first day a week+ ago due to my son’s broken arm, and subsequent doctor’s appointment. I have no more appointments scheduled and expect to be here for the rest of the year!

We are often in touch with Ms. Bethanie and many of you have asked how she is doing. She is doing well but clearly needs her recovery time. She always checks in on all of the children through Ms. Maggie!

It looks like we cannot do our Butterfly unit- our caterpillars are still on order and have not arrived!!! They take 2-3 weeks? to do the life cycle. We will continue to teach about flowers, butterflies, plants, and bugs throughout all of our outside time.

Everyone returned the permission slips for heading to the Botany Pond and Bixler at various times, so we spent today at the Botany Pond. We counted ducks, watched the turtles go in and out of the lily pads, read a book about pond life, enjoyed a snack together, and had an active game of Duck-Duck-Goose in the grassy area!

The Farmer’s Market was on our schedule but we are opting out of that, because the performance part of the opening day (which is why we usually go) is right in the middle of the day- between the two half-day sessions here.

We will be going again to the Botany Pond and to Bixler as our cleaning and weather allows. We have started cleaning and putting away toys, but there are plenty still to play with and we are spending some of our time attending to the pre-k garden outside. We enjoyed a lovely salad of arugula and spinach from the garden last week!

We will be scheduling a visit to the kindergarten classrooms as well, so that pre-k students can get a taste of what they feel like.

– Amelia’s family and Grandma for the snacks and wagon for our Botany Pond time.
– The parents/family members who came along to the Botnay Pond so far
– The families/parents who signed up for snacks or donated supplies recently
– Alfredo’s mother who stayed to clean all afternoon

Important Dates to Remember:
– Wed, June 5th, 2:45-3:45p- Kindergarten Open House, in one of the kindergarten rooms for incoming students
– Fri, June 14- 1:30p, afternoon class to attend kindergarten play of Very Hungry Caterpillar in auditorium
– Mon, June 17- Botany Pond Trip
– Tue, June 18- Parent Pack-and-Play Day: parents help pack up the room while others helps supervise children at Bixler. Please sign up as you can!
– Wed, June 19, 9:30a-10:30a-Parent/Child Activity (adult must be with child, in cafeteria)
– Wed, June 19, 10:30a- Returning Parent Meeting
– Thur, June 20, 9:30-10:30- End of Year breakfast at Bixler- bring a snack as you like to join us at Bixler for one last play session! Adult must attend with child.

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