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Week of May 6th

Dear Parents:

I will be out on medical starting Friday, May 24th until the end of the school year. Mrs. Papzcun will be my substitute teacher while I am out on medical leave. Mrs. Papzcun has substituted in my class and in preschool for a couple of years. I feel very confident that Mrs. Papzcun and Ms. Maggie will take good care of the children and the classroom. The children will continue to study spring/garden and will end the year studying the “Lifecycle of the Butterfly.”

We will begin our annual clean up and break down of the classroom mid-May, so the room may look a tad-bit in disarray.

The calendar for the end of preschool may change. As of now the preschool year will end June 20th.

The last week of school will be filled with the following fun activities:

Monday, June17th: Botany Pond (We will need a wagon or two, please let us know if you have a wagon that we can borrow)
Tuesday, June 18th: Parent Pack –N- Play Day. We will need parents to assist packing up the classroom and supervising on the playground. Please be sure to sign up on the sheet if you are willing to do both or either.
Wednesday, June 19th: There will be a Parent & Child Activity in the cafeteria. Parents (adult) must attend the activity with their child.
Thursday, June 20th: We will have our end of the school year Picnic at Bixler Park.

****Please keep an eye out for final times and updates of the last few weeks of school.

Have a great week,
Ms. Bethanie & Ms. Maggie

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