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Week of April 22nd

Welcome back families!  We hope everyone had an awesome Spring Break!

We want to thank all of the families who attended our Parent & Child Activity!  We also want to thank parents for the paper towels they brought in.  We are in need of more!  We have been creative artist and are pretty messy when we are creating!

Please remember to put sun screen on your child before they come to school!  As the weather continues to warm up we will be outdoors on the playground and in our garden for longer periods of time. 

Also, please no flip flop sandals are allowed at school.  Stubbed toes and skinned knees are no fun! 

We will begin to take neighborhood walks to Bixler Park and Botany Bond in the next few months.  I will be sending home a walking field trip form in the next few weeks.  Please keep an eye out for it!

We made Ranch Dressing in conjunction with our Garden Bites Curriculum.  Many parents have voiced their child’s excitement about our recipe that we made on Tasty Tuesday during our Week of the Young Child celebration. 

A homemade ranch recipe is a healthy alternative to store bought ranch and is perfect for serving with vegetable and salads.  Yogurt offers a high amount of protein for just a few calories. Non-fat yogurt also serves as a good source of calcium.   Here’s what we used and how we did it! Please try

(Bolded ingredients will be grown and harvested in our preschool Learning Garden).

• Parsley, 3 tablespoons • Dill, 3 tablespoons • 2 green onions

 • Salt, B/c tablespoon • Pepper, B/c tablespoon • Garlic powder, 1 tablespoon • Nonfat plain yogurt, 2 B/c cups

• Harvest and wash parsley, dill, and green onions from your Learning Garden. • Measure the yogurt into a small bowl for mixing. • Chop parsley, green onions, and dill. Add to yogurt. • Add salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder and mix. • Serve in a cup with a dip-able fresh vegetable from your Learning Garden.

 • Compare the ingredients of the homemade ranch dressing to a bottle of store bought ranch. • Describe the ranch dressing mix flavors and list your favorite ranch dipping foods.

Have a great week,

Ms. Bethanie and Ms. Maggie

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