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Week of October 1st

Hello Parents:

Please be sure to check your child’s mailbox daily. We need every parent to complete the ASQ:SE Questionnaire and return it no later than Friday, October 5th. Thank you!
We are winding down our “All About Me” Topic of Study with a few more family and “me” focused activities. Please remember to assist your child in completing the family portrait homework sheet and turn in as soon as possible.


We will begin our study of Apples/Gourds/Pumpkins. We are collecting unique and cool looking gourds. Please feel free to add to our collection. We will end our study with a field trip to Eden’s Nature Center on Friday, November 2nd. Please disregard the typo (it will be on Friday, November 2nd, I incorrectly typed the 1st) on the permission slip in your child’s mailbox. We are looking for parent volunteers to accompany us on the trip. All children- both morning and afternoon children will attend from 9:15-noon. If you would like to volunteer to assist us on our field trip please review the following expectations and responsibilities let me know you are interested:



Parent participation is essential in ensuring that our preschool children have appropriate field trip experiences. We highly appreciate parents who are able to assist us on our outings! We want to thank all of the parents who will be assisting us on our trips in advance!

On field trips we ask that parents supervise their child along with a small group of other children. We ask that you follow all safety rules and abide by the set schedule especially for meal and departure times. We ask that you assist in buckling all students into and out of their seat belts. We require that you buddy up with another adult to take children to the bathroom (if needed). We also ask that parents do not take part in any extra activities that are not included in the pre-planned field trip (i.e. going to any show/exhibit/performance that is an extra cost, or purchase treats or toys at souvenir shops). We have children with food allergies and it could be potentially dangerous to partake in treats/food made with unknown ingredients.

We will be ready for volunteers to start in the classroom November 5th. Please sign up on the volunteer sheet if you would like to volunteer. Please look over the volunteer options below and indicate on the sign- up sheet which volunteer role you would like to do. Please be sure to indicate the days and the amount of time you are able to volunteer in our classroom.


Volunteering Opportunity Description

We will be ready to have parents come into the classroom and volunteer beginning October 19th. I will have a sign-up sheet available on Monday for you to sign up for a day and time that you would like to volunteer. We need volunteers to work with small groups of children, reading to children, and we can always use help with some of our house keeping duties. Please sign up for activities that you feel comfortable participating in. Please write R- behind your name if you would like to read to children, A- for doing activities with the children, or H- for housekeeping duties, C- for creating crafty things for the classroom, T- for technology assistance. I will give you details instructions so that you feel comfortable working with the children or completing the housekeeping duties. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Please let me know if you would like to volunteer on an ongoing basis.
Every Friday is FIT FRIDAY. Please dress your child in their athletic wear (gym shoes and clothes your child can move in)! Be sure to check out our FUN FIT FRIDAY display board outside our classroom.

Upcoming Events:

ASQ: SE Questionnaires Due-October 5th

Indigenous People Day– October 8th No School

School Photo Day– Tuesday, October 9th

Jane Averill Reading Day– Friday, October 12th- This is a day that the community schools read a special book in memorial to Ms. Jane who was a beloved preschool teacher here at Ray. Ms. Jane passed away a few years ago and she was an awesome story teller and she exposed her students to a plethora of books and I am sure she instilled the love of books in her students.

Eden’s Place Nature Center– Friday, November 2nd- All children (both morning and afternoon) attend from 9:00- noon. There will be no regular schedule class sessions on this day.

As many of you know I am very passionate about providing challenging and interesting mathematical experiences for my students. I have attached a couple of links for you to view me in action. The video clips are from a program that I participated in as a part the Erickson Early Math Initiative a few years ago. We continue to use the activities and I have added many more activities to enhance my student’s math experiences. Enjoy the videos of children exploring their math limits!

Number Arrangements

Just Right for Me

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