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General Update

Hello Parents and Families of 405-

A few things to update and some dates to keep up with.  The year will wrap up faster than we realize!  The field trip to the Nature Museum was a great time.  The adult volunteers were great, the children were engaged and excited… SUCCESS!  And, we were on time this time 😉  Thank you again to all of those who could make the time to come.

Ms. Bethanie has continued to check in and wants to be sure our garden looks lovely through this heat.  The garden has been watered well during outside playtime.  We’ve been advised by other Garden Committee members to start harvesting our spinach, so we will have some tastings during school!!  How fun!  We will have two more Fit Fridays.

Thank you again for all the support from home with communications through email, snacks, everything.  Please continue to reach out if you have any questions.

Specific things to note:

  • Let us know if you have questions about pre-k for next year.  We understand there were some erroneous letters sent out and that should be fixed soon.  Please know that if your child was in pre-k this year and is eligible for pre-k next year, you have the same spot at Ray.  You should have been given a preference sheet for full-day versus half-day and we have noted all of those preferences.  We are still awaiting information and paperwork to arrive regarding enrolling new students for next year.
  • Wrapping up the year in a pre-k room looks different than other grades.  The teachers and staff here do a wonderful job of meticulously cleaning and organizing the room to prepare for next year and this will happen incrementally throughout the last two weeks.  Thank you to those who have signed up to help.  We still need more helpers, so please sign up if you can (sign-up sheet is by the entry door).
  • We will be visiting the kindergarten classrooms as prep for next year for some of our children, date TBD.
  • We will have a Butterfly Release Party whenever they hatch!  Date TBD.

Dates to be aware of (and snacks needed are marked accordingly- thanks for donations!):

  • Tues, June 5– Walking trip to Botany Pond on campus.  If it is easy for any parent to join us, walk along, feel free but we will take the trip regardless.  The weather looks like a comfortable 65 degrees that day. We will take a snack along (both classes), so please let us know if you could provide a small snack for the class (morning= 22 students, afternoon=15 students), which could be goldfish, pretzels, something easy that can be eaten independently.
  • Wed, June 6- Last day for the afternoon class’s music lessons with Ms. Justine.  We will celebrate with a small snack.  We have a pretzel donation and a banana donation so our snack is covered!  Thank you!
  • Thur, June 14- Pack-and-Play Day (sign up sheet is by the entry door).  We keep the children outside longer this day.  We need snack donations for both morning and afternoon for this day.  Please let us know if you can donate.  Thank you to those who already signed up to help!  Ms. Maggie knows the ropes and will be in charge of the packing.
  • Fri, June 15- Last day of yoga for Fit Fridays!  We, as teachers/staff, will provide the snack for this day, possibly from our garden!
  • Mon, June 18- Our last FULL day together!  We will plan to be outside, making observations as scientists in Amanda’s Garden, and playing, playing, playing.  I have some games we have not gotten to yet!
  • Tues, June 19- 9:30-10:30 (both sessions)- We will NOT be in the building, but we will meet at Bixler park for one last time to play together for the school year.  Please bring a breakfast item for yourself and child. This will be our goodbye!  What a great year it’s been!
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