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Greetings, Room 405 Families!

Hello Families of Room 405!

I am very excited that we already have a fun week one under our belts in Room 405 with me as a new teacher in the room!  It’s been a pleasure to work with your children, certainly.  Please feel free to reach me at with any questions or concerns.  Ms. Bethanie has already checked in to see how the children are doing and, as you know, Ms. Maggie is an amazing support and resource.

This week, we have watched our caterpillars grow fatter and longer!  We are making observations and drawing what we see.  It’s been super cool.

Small group work was with numbers (making trains with snap-together blocks), looking at the butterflies Ms. Heiser gifted to the class that are encased in resin with our magnifying glasses, and learning a new butterfly story.  We also walked through the garden to observe (and smell!) what is happening on our way to Bixler to play.

I sent an email to all parents yesterday with the following information. **IF you did NOT get the email, please email me at so that I can be sure to have current email addresses (and phone numbers- let me know if that has changed!).  Here is the info from the email:

  • Wednesday– we are having a very small celebration with our 4th grade Big Buddies, since this is the last time we will see them for the year.  They are providing a small snack.  If we could please have donations of fruit (I think clementines are going out, but if they look good, these are wonderful snacks and easy, or grapes or other fruit that can be eaten by hand without preparation and mess), then we will have a lovely snack to share.  There will be our 21 students plus the 25 fourth graders.  This means if 5 parents could donate fruit, we should have plenty.  Please email me to let me know BY MONDAY through email if you will donate so I can plan accordingly.   Thank you very much.
  • There is a field trip again on Friday, June 1st, 8:45a-1p-ish.  We will confirm volunteers in the next day or two.  This trip is more “open,” so it is critical that if you have signed up to attend, we can count on you coming along so that we have ample adults with our little ones.
  • Looking forward, we will have a walking trip to the Botany Pond (week of June 4th) and will need some volunteers if you are interested.  Please watch for updates to come through.  We will need a snack donated as well for this walking trip if you are interested in helping in that way.

Additional announcements:

  • Flowers were sent to Ms. Bethanie from both classes.  Thank you to all who donated- we had a lovely amount to spend on some cheer for her and they were to be delivered on Friday.
  • Library books need to be returned as soon as possible.  There is no more lending library for the year.  If you have lost a book, please simply replace it with any age-appropriate book for our classroom library.
  • There is a sign-up sheet for parent helpers for cleaning the room at the sign-in clipboard, if you can help.

Thank you all for your patience and support as we transitioned with Ms. Bethanie’s leave.  The children have been great and are so well into their routines, this week went smoothly.  (They remind me to NOT talk in the halls…)

The field trip went very well (despite us running late) and from hearing the laughs of the children, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  They were well-behaved and patient, attentive and respectful.  I was very proud and felt it was a very successful trip.  THANK YOU to all the parents who attended!!

There have been a lot of questions about changes in pre-k for next year.  I am happy to try to find you answers and keep you updated, of course.  We expect much more information to be available next week.  There will be a “Next Year Preference Sheet” given to the returning families, where you can indicate Full Day, Half Day AM or Half Day PM.  If those returning families could please fill this out and get it back to us asap, that would be very helpful.

See you on Tuesday!  Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Papczun (pronounced Pap-son, or Mrs. P if that’s easier for the little ones!)


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