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Week of January 29th

Hello Parents:


We have been thoroughly enjoying looking at all of the sweet baby pictures! The children love sharing information about when they were babies! If you have not turned in your child’s Baby Interview sheet please do so ASAP. If you would like to email pictures to print off I would be happy to do so.


We are also looking for short videos of our kids as babies. If you have any short videos of them crawling, babbling we would love to share it with our students. Please send the pictures or videos to


We would like to thank everyone who bought in baby items. We would love to borrow an umbrella stroller (the ones that fold really quickly and only have a place for a baby/toddler to ride in…something you would take in the mall). We would also like to look at a stroller with all of the bells and whistles (we would only look at this stroller). In a couple of weeks we would also like to invite babies into our classroom so that we can observe them crawling, trying walk, babbling, and being fed. If you are willing to demonstrate how a fancy stroller works or bring in your baby/toddler for our observation we would appreciate it.


We also started our classroom Vermicompost (worm compost) for our garden. The kids help tear up the newspaper (bedding) watered the bedding and fed the worms. If you would like to donate one or two pieces of fruit or vegetable (or fruit/veggie peel) please send it in.  We will transfer the compost in the spring.


We will be sending home a Progress Report for prekindergarten students on or after Friday, February 9th (depending on how fast the reports print off). These are simply an overview of what your child has been working on this quarter and what the next steps will be. We will meet in April at the Parent & Teacher conference and discuss your child in more detail.



Valentine Information

We will be decorating our Valentine’s Treat Bags the week of February 5th, so please bring in donations for the bag decorations this week.  Thank you!  We are looking for donations of stickers, glitter, cool tape, unique stencils, and other “love inspired” decorations.  We have our celebration Wednesday, February 14th.  We are asking that if your child wishes to give out valentines to their classmates we are asking that you DO NOT ADDRESS the valentines to individual children.  It is too hectic and time consuming to assist 22 (morning class has 22 afternoon has 17 children) children in searching for 22 different names and placing the correct cards in the correct bags.  You can simply have your child sign (with your assistance if necessary) his or her name to the cards.  If the cards need to be assembled (for example if the card needs to have an eraser attached- please attach before you bring them in). If you would like to send a sweet or savory treat we require that all items are individually wrapped and store bought (no homemade items are allowed).  We are also a nut, egg, and fish/shellfish free classroom.  Please DO NOT bring any treats containing any of the above mentioned items.


Have a great week,


Ms. Bethanie & Ms. Maggie

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