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Week of December 4th

Hello Parents:
We want to thank all of families (Amelia’s nana Regina brought in cool stickers, and Myracle’s grandma sent in stickers and cool paper and Kaiden’s grandma Sterma brought tissue and lots of paper towels….grandparents are great) who brought in supplies for our classroom! We really appreciate it! We have plenty and this should last us for a long while.


We also want to thank Darwin for allowing us to borrow his Piggie and Elephant stuffed toys while we conducted our miniature Mo Willems book exploration. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring these books! We focused on a few language arts and literacy components commonly referred to as “Elements of a Story” We focused on the characters, the problem, the solution, and how the characters felt in the stories. When reading with your child be sure to use terms such as characters, problem and solutions. We will focus on more elements of the story when we study the various versions of the Gingerbread Boy. We will add the setting and the loved parts of the story components to our study.


In addition to our Gingerbread theme we will also focus on family celebrations. We have been discussing how we do various activities at “family celebrations.” Many children mentioned that they have music, decorations, and special foods/treats at their celebrations. We will be focusing on how to be kind to others and highlighting acts of kindness in our classroom interactions. We will culminate our themes with a Gingerbread decorating party in which we will focus on “being kind to others” and festive dance music. We will decorate our room throughout the month of December with the theme of “Lighting Up our Room with Kindness,” so be sure to turn in your lights as soon as you are finished!


We are asking each family to write an “Act of Kindness” on the bulb and return them to school (The bulbs and directions are in your child’s mailbox). Please be sure to write your family name and/or your child’s name on the bulb. Hopefully, this activity can help balance out the frenzy of the upcoming winter holidays and extended break.


Please remember to assist your child in returning their library books into the blue bin labeled “Return Library Books Here” located near the exit door. Please do not reshelf the books! Library books are due on Tuesdays, not Wednesdays. If you forget to turn in the book on Tuesday simply keep it another week until the next Tuesday.


Upcoming Events:
Field Trip money due: Friday, December 1, 2017 (if you have not turned in the form and money please do so as soon as possible).
Thursday, December 21st- Gingerbread Celebration
Friday, December 22nd- Field Trip to Navy Pier
December 25th- January 5th- Winter Break
Please mark your calendars!

Thank you,

Ms. Bethanie & Ms. Maggie

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