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Week of October 21st

Hello Parents:

We want to thank all of our families that participated in our very first Parent and Child Activity of the year. We hope that you took the opportunity to focus on your child and their academic involvement!

Please be sure to turn in all paper work that is needed for the program and please remember to update your child’s immunization record when necessary. Thanks!

We are also ready to have parents volunteer in the classroom. If you would like to come in please sign up on the clipboard next to the sign in sheets! We are excited to have parents join us.

Next week will be going on our very first field trip to Eden’s Nature Center. We are still looking for volunteers to assist us (especially afternoon parents), please let me know if you can join us! Please be sure to turn in your child’s permission slips and money.

We will be learning in depth about apples this week. (We want to thank the parents who brought in apples for us, we really enjoyed them) We will be dissecting apples and learning new vocabulary. Be sure to ask your child to explain what apple “pips” are. We will also be learning the parts of the apple- focusing on the skin, flesh, core, pips, and stem.

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