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Welcome Families! School Year 2017-2018

Meet –N- Greet (Attendance Highly Recommended)

When: Friday, September 1st
Where: Ray School Preschool Annex
Time: 1-2 pm

This is the time when you receive your child’s classroom assignment and meet the Preschool Staff. You will be informed of important information and get a tour of your child’s classroom. We will distribute parking passes for drop off and pick up, get classroom specific details, and ask questions. **Detailed curriculum information will be shared at the Open House later in September.

First Day of School Information

The first day of school will be Tuesday, September 5th, 2017!
Morning Class-8:45-11:20
Afternoon Class 1:00- 3:35

We are inviting all students to attend with their parents for the first half hour of the school day.   This will be an opportunity for your children to get acquainted with the classroom.  We will read a book together and say good-bye to our families.   If you think your child will have a difficult time, please stay in the annex for an additional half hour to ensure that your student transitions into the classroom.  If your child has a difficult time saying good-bye we will have you take your child with you and return for a half hour the following day and for the rest of the week until they are comfortable in the classroom.  Please review the following information for tips for separation anxiety and 1st day logistics.

What you will need the first day of school:

NO Backpacks- it gets very crowded when winter outerwear is added daily!
***We do not have enough cubby space for children to bring backpacks. The only exception is for children who are going onto another care facility directly after class (i.e., Little People’s Learning Center). So please do not bring backpacks to school.

1) Change of clothing for your child, including pants/shorts, underwear, shirt, socks, shoes, with your child’s name on all items. Please put sunscreen on your child before they come to school. We will spend a lot of time outdoors when the weather permits.
2) Photo of your family that will be left at school on our school family tree.
3) We have a short “wish list” for parents who would like to donate the following

* 1 box of facial tissue
* 1 Bottle of Lysol (disinfecting spray) or 1 container of disinfecting wipes
* 1 roll of paper towels (Select-A-Size is preferred)
* 1 box gallon-sized zip-lock bags, 1 box quart-sized zip-lock bags
* 1 ream of white computer paper
* 1 ream of colored computer paper
* 1 container of Hand wipes (Wet ones, baby wipes)
* 2 bottles of hand soap
* 1 11/2” Binder

**We may have more wish list items as the school year progresses.


Ray Pre-k Team

The First Day of School

The first day of school can be a wonderful or terrifying event for both parents and children. We can do things to help us through this process.

*Talk to your child about if there is a special item (small enough to fit into their cubby) he or she would like to bring to school for comfort. The object will be left in the cubby for your child to go to and snuggle with (if necessary).

*Please bring a family photo to post in your child’s cubby so that they can look at it throughout the day (if necessary).

*Visit the playground at school so your child is familiar with the equipment and feels competent using it.

*Do some pretend play with your child about how you will go to school and how you will say good bye. Imagine waking up, having breakfast, getting in the car, walking in the door, kissing/hugging goodbye.

*Agree on a goodbye ritual: how many kisses, hugs, etc.

*Make sure your child is clear about who will pick him up and when.

*Find out something about the schedule so you can talk it over with your child.

*Give a special note, picture, or poem for your child to keep in their cubby. We will also encourage your child to write a letter or draw a picture for you to make them feel better (if necessary).

*Make sure you awaken early enough to have a relaxing morning, with time to dress and eat a good breakfast/lunch.

Do not hang around at the door or peering through windows after you have said goodbye. Once your child sees that you are reluctant to leave, it is harder for them to feel safe and it is more difficult for the teachers to engage the child in classroom activities. BRING TISSUES! This may be harder for you than your child.

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