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Week of February 27th

Hello Parents:
We have begun our 3 Little Pigs study. The children are thoroughly enjoying exploring the various versions of the story. We have also been enjoying all of the various jazz music we have been listening to. Be sure to look on the bulletin board to view our “Painting to Jazz” dedication to Mrs. Jane. All 3 preschool classrooms are exploring jazz in a memorial to Mrs. Jane. She loved jazz and art and her dedication and love for the children is still felt throughout Ray school, especially in the Preschool classroom. Be sure to check out the cool jazz paintings on the bulletin board.

We will also have fun reading various Dr. Seuss books this week. His birthday is March 2nd. If anyone would like to come in a read a story this week please let me know. We love guest story tellers!

Please remember to keep your child home is he or she is sick. Many students have been coming to school coughing constantly, with fevers or with stomach ailments. If your child is dealing with any of these issues please give them time to rest and recuperate. Students should not return to school unless they have been fever free, vomit free or diarrhea free for 24 hours! When they come to school sick, teaching is interrupted when we have to nurse them and also it is quickly spread to the other students and they become sick as well. We are working diligently on our end to remind students to use their cough catchers (inside of elbows) and sanitizing our materials.

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