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Week of December 5th

Hello Parents:
We want to thank all of the parents who have complied with new entry and exit procedure. Our first priority is ensuring everyone’s safety and well being. Please be sure to only enter the building when Preschool Staff member opens the doors. We realize that others may be trying to be kind or helpful by opening the doors for you, but we need to abide by the new system. If a child, or another parent opens the door before the set time of enter/exit, simply refuse to enter and let the child or other parent know that you are waiting for the preschool staff to open the doors. Thank you for your assistance in making our school safe for everyone.

We will continue our study of the various versions of the Gingerbread Man. Please be sure to check out the vocabulary words we have been discussing. The list is posted on the bulletin board in the room behind the bathroom door. The children will also begin to work on the story summaries and comparing the various stories. . Please be sure to check out all of the charts and diagrams that will posted throughout the room.

The children will end the school year by finishing their study of the Gingerbread Boy and Celebrations.
We will have our Gingerbread Man/Winter celebration on Thursday, December 22nd. I will be supplying the Gingerbread cookies (thanks to Mariano’s Grocer). We will need a variety a decorating materials. If you are able to bring one of the items needed please sign up on the sheet.

We are also asking parents to volunteer to assist in the decorating of the cookies. There will be a sign up sheet placed by the clipboards in the next couple of weeks. We are asking to have at least 2 parents a session to assist us.

We are also in need of 1 more batch of play dough to get through the end of 2016. Please sign up on the play dough calendar if you would like to make the batch.

Our second Parent and Child Activity will be held Friday, December 23rd in the school cafeteria from 9:15-10:30. All children (accompanied by an adult) are invited to participate at this time. There will be no regular class on December 23rd.

Winter Break- December 26th- January 6th. School resumes January 9th.

Ms. Bethanie

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