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Week of November 28th

New Entry and Exit Procedure. Effective Wednesday, November 30, 2016

In light of school safety issues nationally, Ray is tightening security procedures for both student arrival and dismissal. Please understand our purpose for doing this is to keep every student in our school safe and to eliminate the possibility of any intruders.

At arrival, parents will be asked to line up WITH THEIR CHILD outside of the glass doors outside of the Annex (door 18-glass doors closest to 57th Street). My classroom will line up in the middle of the annex walkway. Parents and students will be escorted into the building with classroom staff. Staff will be walking parents into the building at 8:45/1:10 SHARP. If you arrive after 8:45/1:10, you will need to walk to the main entrance to get a pass. Parents will enter the room, help their child take off their coats, sign their child in/out and have 1 of 2 options to exit the building. Option 1: Parents who want to leave the room immediately after signing in will be escorted out of the building by Ms. Moore. Option 2: Parents who would like to read a book or help with journals are welcomed to stay and assist in the classroom until 8:55/1:20 and then Ms. Moore will escort that group of parents out of the building. Parents are no longer allowed to enter or exit our classroom without a staff member escorting them out of the building.

For pick up, parents will line up outside of the annex glass doors. A staff member will escort parents into the building at dismissal. Parents will be brought in at 11:20/3:45 SHARP. If you are late, you will need to get a pass from the main office. Parents will come into the room, get their child and leave with a staff member escorting them out of the building.

Thank-you for your understanding!

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