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Week of September 19, 2016

Hello Parents:
Thank you for sending all of the unique and heartwarming stories of how you came up with your child’s name. I will be displaying them soon, so if you have not turned in your child’s letter there is still time to do so. Also if you could please remember to bring in a family photo to add to our Classroom Family Tree.

We have been enjoying getting to know each other and building our classroom community. Please be sure to check out the “Getting to Know You” charts throughout our classroom. We have also completed our very first ‘Friendship Paintings” please check out the cool creations and read the description on the bulletin board.

We will be discussing in great detail our 3 Classroom Limits: 1. Take care of each other (be a good friend). 2. Take care of yourself. 3. Take care of our materials. We will draw pictures, act out scenarios, and read books about how to be a good friend and classmates. Be sure to talk to your child about what it means to be a good friend.

Please join us for our Open House on Thursday, September 22, 2016 from 5 to 6 pm. This is a time to learn about my educational philosophy, and how I provide developmental appropriate activities for the students. Directly after Open House their will be a PTO meeting that I also want to encourage you to attend.



Starting next week we will begin our Lending Library. Below is a description of the library procedures.



Lending Library Procedures
The classroom has a Lending Library. The children check out books on Wednesdays and the books should be returned the following Tuesday. Please be sure to return the book promptly, so that your child can check out another book (or renew the same book). If you lose a book, you may choose to replace it or bring in another book for the library. There is a box for returned books in the classroom (Blue bucket with bright yellow sign beside the lending library shelf. Please return them in the box- please do not put them back on the shelf. I need to check all books back into the library before they go on the shelves. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping the system function smoothly.
Remember it is normal for your child to want to check out the same book several times. Repetition is a natural part of early literacy. Please do not discourage your child from checking out the same book. Rereading and becoming very familiar with the story gives children a sense of accomplishment and success in understanding the “reading” world. Please be sure to discuss good book handling with your child and other siblings.
We realize that life happens and every now and then a book or two is lost or damaged. If that occurs, simply let us know and donate a book (gently used is acceptable- it does not need to be the exact book that was damaged or lost) to replace it.
In addition, we are looking for books in your child’s native language (other than English) for our classroom library. If you have any books that you like to donate or allow us to borrow please let me know. It is very important for children to hear stories in their native language. If you would be willing to come into the classroom to read a story in your native language please let me know so that we can arrange a time for you to come in and read to the class.

-Ms. Bethanie

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