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May 9, 2016

Hello Parents:
We are have switched gears from the study of Water to the Life Cycle of the Butterfly and Gardening/Plants. The weather was a bit too chilly for the students to fully explore water in an in-depth manner. We will however get to study the life cycle of the butterfly and gardening in depth. Our live caterpillars should are scheduled to arrive this week. We will also begin to work in our garden on a regular basis.
We will spend a great deal of time outdoors. Please dress your child accordingly. Remember to put sunscreen on before they come to school. In addition, flip flop types of sandals are not ideal for running and gross motor activities on playground. You are welcomed to leave a pair of old/play running shoes at school for your child to change into when needed (please write their names somewhere on the shoe –inside of the tongue is a great place)
As the weather begins to warm up we will also travel over to Botany Pond to observe the baby ducks and turtles. I will post notices on the entry door and sign-in sheet to remind you of the days we will be traveling over. We are also asking for a wagon or two to take with us. We will also need gallons of water and small Dixie cups (any donation is welcomed). We also like to offer a small snack on our trips (graham crackers, animal crackers, and pretzel rods are always a hit), donations are welcomed as well.
We are also in need for play dough. If you are willing to make a big batch for the class please sign up on the calendar and take a copy of the recipe. Thank you!

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