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November 9, 2015

Hello Parents:
Special Announcements:
The next couple of weeks are full of special events and non-attendance days for students. Please be sure to mark your calendars so that we can keep our attendance strong. It is vital that students attend school on a consistent basis.
Please be sure to sign up for the first Parent & Teacher conference. The sign-up sheet is near the sign-in sheet on the cubbies.
We want to thank Rokeya (Adeel & Jotsna’s mother) for volunteering in our classroom. If you would like to sign up to volunteer, please be sure to sign up on the November calendar.

We have begun exploring the beautiful fall leaves. We are asking parents to go on a Fall Scavenger Hunt with your child as well. The scavenger hunt sheet is in your child’s mailbox. The hunt will hopefully give you a special activity to do during the days when class is not in session.
Please be sure to check out the bulletin boards inside the classroom and in the hallway to see the great learning opportunities the children have had during our fall/autumn study.
The November calendar for volunteers and is posted. Please sign up to volunteer if you would like to spend time in our classroom or help out with “housekeeping” duties as well.
Please remember to join the Ray PTA if you have not already done so.
Please see archived September 2015 posts for information about the Lottery for Kindergarten.
Dates to Remember:
November 11th-No School – Veteran’s Day
November 13th- No School
November 18th- Parent & Teacher Conferences- No School- Please keep an eye out for the sign-up sheet
November 24th- The second Parent & Child activity 9:30-10:30 in the school cafeteria. (Regular classes are cancelled for this day). All children should attend the session with an adult.
November 25-27- No School- Thanksgiving Break

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