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Week of June 8th

Hello Families,

We are sad to say that this school year is coming to an end!  We enjoyed having you in our classroom and going on all of our cool remote adventures!  We will end our school year with our Special Jim Gill concert and give our final farewells during our Monday Literacy time.  This meet will be extending until 10:45.  Please be sure to send me your Jim Gill “May There Always Be” pictures.  We want to make sure that everyone’s picture is added to our Ray preschool book!  We will most likely have a few minutes to ask Jim a few questions.  Please assist your child in coming up with a question to ask.  Not every child will get the opportunity to ask their question, but you can feel free to email the question to him.

We will also meet up with our 4th Grade Buddies during our last Brunch Meet Up.  We are asking for our students to draw pictures of the favorite thing they did with their buddy this year.  Please be sure to join us!  Our 4th grade buddies will be so happy to see everyone!

If you are looking for a few more activities to do with your child please visit  for activities.  Your very own Ms. Bethanie was the co-creator for these activities.  Hopefully your child will be able to recognize some of the same activities and language we used in the classroom.

If you have a Chicago Public School device that you borrowed during remote learning please return it to Ray school on either Tuesday, May 16th or Wednesday, May 17th from 9 to 1 pm.  Thank You!

If you are interested in or know of other families who are interested for their child to attend preschool next year there will be a vertical information session this Wednesday here is the link:

We want to thank all of the parents who were patient and took time make sure your child participated in our remote learning.  We enjoyed seeing all of our students and we hope everyone enjoyed spending time with us each week!  We hope everyone has a great summer.  Please remember not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy the little pleasures in life!


Ms. Bethanie & Ms. Maggie

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