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Dear Families,

We hope you had a fantastic weekend, staying in and enjoying time with your family.

We would like to share some more helpful resources and information on the blog this week.

Here are some fun ideas to your child up and moving, especially as the weather in Chicago begins to get nicer!


Are you missing the zoos, museums, and your other favorite cultural institutions?  If so, check out these virtual field trips!


Free Food Distribution Boxes- Every Friday.

Don’t Forget to join us as we count down to the end of the school year with our ABC Countdown. Send a picture to your child’s teacher through email or Dojo if you participate. We love to see your Pre-K Spirit!

5/18 F Favorite Book Day – Enjoy a favorite book and share on Google Meet/Classroom
5/19 G Game Day – Play an electronic game with a friend
5/20 H Hat Day or
Hashtag Day–#FUN #EndofQuarantine #Summer #Howmanymoredaysof remotelearning
5/21 I Identical Day ( Dress Identical to Another Person: Family Member, Class or a Friend
5/22 J Joke Day – Message someone a joke
5/26 K Kindness Day – Be kind to EVERYONE and do something kind for someone!
5/27 L Laugh – Find a reason to laugh & make some else laugh 
5/28 M Music Day – Play your favorite song at 3:00PM)
5/29 N Nickname Day—Choose a nickname to be called all day! Make a Nametag!
6/1 O Oreo Day – Find creative ways to enjoy oreo cookies
6/2 P Pajama Day – Wear your pjs all day
6/3 Q Quiet Day—Enjoy some extra silence! The QUIET GAME, so nice!
6/4 R Rainbow Day – Be creative with colors
6/5 S Support the 8th graders and Preschoolers – Make a graduation sign to support our Ray Warrior Graduates, Class of 2020!
6/8 T Thank you Day (Write thank you notes to anyone of your choice)
6/9 U Unforgettable Day – Recap the year together with your class or family
6/10 V Volunteer Day—Volunteer to help out around the house.
6/11 W Watermelon Day—enjoy a sweet treat and do ‘watermelon’ activities!
6/12 X eXtra Day – Extra fun Day – Decide as a class on an activity
6/15 Y Year End Celebration Day—-hand out awards and celebrate!
6/16 Z Zoom Out of Remote Learning, Google Classroom and Google Meet!

We hope to see everyone Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for whole group learning and during our weekly breakfast meetings!

Pre-k Project Packet

Have a wonderful week,

Ms. Bethanie & Ms. Maggie

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