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Week of October 15th

Hello Parents:

Our Donors Choose was fully funded! Yay! Many of the donations came from our families.  We really appreciate all of the donations!  Thank you!

We want to thank everyone who brought in apples and gourds!  The children are enjoying tasting the many varieties of apples! The children thoroughly enjoyed making the applesauce! Be sure to check out all of the photos on Class Dojo. Next week we are planning to make apple crisp, so we are in need of more apples for that recipe as well. We are still accepting cool gourds and pumpkins!

Please be sure to turn in all paper work that is needed for the program. I have deadlines that I must abide by and the deadlines are approaching quickly. Only 8 people turned in the lunch form. Our school receives more funding for EACH one we turn in…even if you write not interested across the top and sign it. If you have not turned one in will be giving you another copy to fill out. Thank You!

We still have a few volunteer spots available for our upcoming field trip. We would like to have 7 to 10 parents assist us. This is a field trip where we walk around outdoors to various areas. We would like to ensure that the children are able to move around with the appropriate supervision.
In conjunction to the field trip we are also having our Fall Literacy Festival on the same day as the field trip. We are asking that if children would like to bring a costume of their favorite literary character (remember super heroes in comic books and most characters that the children are into come in some form of book nowadays) if they would like to dress up. We do ask that children do not bring scary or gory costumes. We also ask that children not wear masks as well. Some children are frightened of masks and young children have a hard time seeing in them. We are asking for parent volunteers to come about 2:30 to help get the children into costumes. We are asking that NO ONE wear their costume on the field trip, we will get our costumes on after rest time.  It is an entirely outdoors field trip with animals and hay stacks, which is not conducive for costumes.

We will continue to learn about apples this week. (We want to thank the parents who brought in apples for us, we really enjoyed them) We have been dissecting apples and learning new vocabulary. Be sure to ask your child to explain what apple “pips” are. We also learned the parts of the apple- focusing on the skin, flesh, core, pips, and stem! We will look at the lifecycle of the apple this week.

Being that the weather will continue to get colder please be sure to dress your child appropriately! Layers are always a good choice. We will go outdoors most of the time. If the weather is severely cold (via Ray Handbook: The CPS cutoff temperature (with wind-chill) is 30 degrees, however principals have discretion for temperatures between 15-30 degrees Fahrenheit. We believe that students benefit from outdoor play, and will monitor the weather to ensure temperatures, precipitation, and grounds are safe. If not safe, students will have indoor gross motor activities). We have been practicing putting on all outer wear. Please also reinforce this independence at home as well. We are happy to assist, but it takes a really long time at assist 20 children in getting dressed! We practice the “preschool flip” and have the children attempt to zip/button/snap as well.

We are also asking that parents please be considerate and patient when entering the double doors. Parents and children are expected to wait outside (unless it is extremely cold or storming). Please do not ask or expect other Ray staff to allow you in the building before time. Preschool staff will always open the doors for our families- no one else.

Upcoming Events:
• Field Trip-Thursday, October 31st.
• Fall Literacy Festival, Thursday, October 31st
• No School- Friday, November 8th- Teacher Professional Development
• No School- Monday, November 11th-Veterans Day
• Parent-Teacher Conferences- Wednesday, November 13th

Have a great week, See you on Tuesday!

Ms.  Bethanie & Ms. Maggie

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