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March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016

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We will conclude our exploration of Goldilocks and The Three Bears this week. The trip to the Aquarium will jumpstart our Water Project. We will continue to do a short exploration on sea animals and then focus on the flow of water. We will explore the Water Project in conjunction with an Author/Illustrator study of Eric Carle.
Please make sure to check your child’s mailboxes daily.
We are excited for our upcoming fieldtrip! We want to thank all of the parents who will be assisting on our fieldtrip. If you are volunteering for this field trip (and any future trips please review the following:

Parent participation is essential in ensuring that our preschool children have appropriate field trip experiences. We highly appreciate parents who are able to assist us on our outings! We want to thank all of the parents who will be assisting us on our trips in advance!
On field trips we ask that parents supervise their child along with a small group of other children. We ask that you follow all safety rules and abide by the set schedule especially meeting and departure times. We ask that you assist in buckling all students into and out of their seat belts. We ask that you buddy up with another adult to take children to the bathroom (if needed). We also ask that parents do not take part in any extra activities that are not included in the pre-planned field trip (i.e. going to any show/exhibit/performance that is an extra cost, or purchase treats or toys at souvenir shops). We have children with food allergies and it could be potentially dangerous to partake in treats/food made with unknown ingredients.
Thank You,
Ray Preschool Staff

March 9, 2016

March 7, 2016

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Hello Parents:
We are thoroughly enjoying our study of the various versions of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. In conjunction with the fairytale study we have been focused on shapes. We have been focused on reviewing the basic shapes and learning about new shapes. We have learned the geometry terms Vertex, lines, sides, hexa, and octa. We have also been exploring activities that focus on rhombus’s and trapezoids. Please be sure to check out the display above the sink. The children were very creative when designing their shape “things.”
We will be moving onto a dual focus. We will begin our Eric Carle Author/Illustrator study as well as begin “messing” around of our Water Project. I will be sending more information home detailing how the project will proceed.
We will be going to Shedd’s Aquarium on Thursday, March 24th. Please have all money and forms turned in by Friday, March 18th. Both the morning and afternoon class will attend the field trip and there will not be any regular scheduled classes.
We would like to thank all of the families who have been bringing in supplies now and throughout the year. We are also in need for recycled paper (at least with one clean side) to use in our writing area. If you can donate any we would highly appreciate it.
Dates to Remember:
March 24th- Field Trip to Shedd’s Aquarium
March 25th- No School
April 13th- Parent-Teacher Conferences (Sign-up sheet will be forth coming)
April 18th-22nd No Class Spring Break

March 1, 2016

February 29, 2016

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Hello Parents:
We will be moving our Eric Carle author/illustrator study back a couple of weeks so that our visit from the Kohl’s StoryBus will correlate with our exploration Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and Little Ren Hen. We will explore the many versions of the story and then move onto the Eric Carle author/illustrator study. If you have a unique version of the story we would love for you to come in and read it to the class.
I will begin sending homework home in the next couple of weeks. Please be sure to take a few minutes each week to complete the work with your child. Once your child has completed the work please return it in the box used for absent letters the following Monday. Please remember the “homework” should be a time when you take a few focused moments a week to work with your child on a one on one basis. The assignments are meant to be educational as well as enjoyable, please do not stress out your child if he/she is not particularly excited about completing a task. Simply try at a later time or encourage them to complete the next assignment the following week.
Thank you,

Ms. Bethanie

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