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December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

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Preschool Newsletter

December 17, 2012

We want to thank all of the parents who attended the very first Parent & Child Math Activity!  We are planning to have at least 3 more Parent & Child Activities throughout the school year.  Hopefully you gained more insight on what your child can do mathematically and what type of math activities your child is exposed to at school!

We took a quick detour from our Eric Carle Author/Illustrator Study and did a mini study on the various versions of the Gingerbread Boy.  Be sure to check out the Venn Diagrams and pictures we did retelling the parts of the various stories!  We will end the study by making our own gingerbread boys/girls on Thursday and Friday of this week.  We have begun our Eric Carle Study and have been exploring the various books he has authored and illustrated.  We want to thank the families that have loaned us copies of various Eric Carle books.  We will continue to study Eric Carle when we return from Winter Break.

Winter Break: Winter break is from December 24 to January 2, 2013.  School will resume on Thursday, January 3, 2012.  Below you can find some fun activities to engage in during the break.

-Write thank you note for any gifts they might have received, encourage preschool to do    some of the writing, especially their name.

-Visit some museums.

-Go on letter search around your house

-Go on number search around your house.

-bake cookies

Have an awesome and safe Winter Break!

Last Friday: Last Friday was a tragic day for our country, especially for educators and parents.  We just want to take a moment to let you know that we take the safety of your children extremely seriously and have a plan in place in case of any safety emergency. We consider each of the preschool children like our own and we love all of them.  Below you will find some suggestions to help your family cope with last Friday’s events (taken from  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to talk to Ms. Bethanie via email or after the preschoolers are out of the classroom.

  • Wait until they’re older. Until around age 7,  Dr.      Coleman suggests only addressing the tough stuff if kids bring it up      first. “They might see it on TV or hear about it at school and then      you have to deal with it. But younger children might not be able to handle      it well,” says Dr. Coleman.
  • Be a soothing example. If you are personally      traumatized in any way by the events inNewton, do your best to model calm. “Kids      pay close attention to their parent’s mood, so you should show this is all      temporary,” says Dr. Coleman. If you and your family are all safe and      sound, “you can convey, yes, it’s stressful, but eventually things will      get back to normal.” Emphasize the things that are already back to normal      or that stayed the same throughout, like their family or favorite      toys.
  • Ask questions before explaining. “Don’t rush in with an      explanation without first trying to understand what your kids are worried      about,” says Dr. Coleman. “Don’t be too quick to tell them not worry about      it. Explore it a little.” Once you know their specific concerns—are they      worried about something similar happening to them or you–you can address      them specifically and then reassure them.
  • Don’t label feelings as wrong. Let them know that their      feelings make sense, and that it’s ok to feel whatever they’re feeling.      Never make them feel bad about being scared or worried.
  • Use your judgment about watching      the news.      “You have to know your child,” says Dr. Coleman. “If they are young and impressionable,      you might want to shield them. If your child is older, it can be a      teaching moment.”


The doors that we are currently using are going to continue to be the doors in which parents and children will enter and exit the building.  The change however is that we can no longer prop the doors open and leave them unattended.  Therefore, a Ray Staff member will be opening the door promptly at 8:45, 11:20, 1:10, and 3:45.  Please arrive at school on time, so that the Ray staff can get back to the classroom with the students.  The staff member will only be at the doors for 5 to 7 minutes, if you are late you will need to go the main door to gain entry.  Please do not walk through the school and go to other classrooms.  We realize that many of you have several children at Ray, but if you need to go to multiple classrooms please go to the main entrance to report that you will be visiting more than one classroom.  Thank you for your cooperation!


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